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Do you need extra support meeting your basic needs? Are you unhoused, or experiencing a housing crisis? Have you run out of money to meet your basic needs? Email or visit our website for a full list of programs designed to support YOU.

Visit Food+Shelter+Success

HOPE Crisis Fund

To help students manage unexpected crisis situations, SF State has established the SF State HOPE Crisis Fund (HOPE = Help, Opportunity & Pathway to Empowerment), a fund that assists students with financial support when they need it most.

Visit HOPE Crisis Fund

SF Department of Public Health (DPH) COVID-19 Information

All guidance produced by the COVID Command Center may be accessed via

Visit SF Department of Public Health (DPH) COVID-19 Information

Equity Programs & Compliance

If you feel that you have been subject to Discrimination, Harassment, or Retaliation, the University has a process by which you can report the issue.

Visit Equity Programs & Compliance