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At the College of Health & Social Sciences, students develop their ability to make a significant, meaningful impact on their communities and society. Through classroom learning and practical experience, they receive professional preparation in a variety of fields promoting health, well-being and quality of life.

at June 21, 3:31 pm
Could virtual reality be the future of fitness? and share how this modern practice can h… https://t.co/fcriuTfQD2

at June 15, 11:26 am
Professor of Kinesiology Maria Veri and coauthor Rita Liberti discuss their new book, Gridiron Gourmet, in a podcas… https://t.co/yjaWq7Ilhm

at June 6, 7:57 pm
RT : Immigration has been racialized in the United States. We discuss how structural racism impacts immigrant health for… https://t.co/Vlc0JaOuAc

at June 5, 2:17 pm
Family Acceptance Project Director Caitlin speaks in a Commonwealth Club livestream, Guidance for LGBTQI Children i… https://t.co/4GjtQfsmN4

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