CHSS RACE Initiative


The CHSS Reflections and Actions to Create Equity (RACE) Initiative is a college-wide and permanent commitment to dismantling racism systemically in the college and to advancing and embedding racial justice in its teaching, research and service as well as its policies, procedures, and operations. Given the dual challenges of dismantling institutional racism and reimagining a racially just institution, the RACE Initiative is dedicated to a long-term process of institutional transformation and collective struggle towards actualizing our ideals and aspirations.


The goals of the RACE Initiative are as follows:

  1. Cultivate a CHSS commitment to a racial justice practice – an openness to struggle, persevere, change and grow
  2. Create a system and process of continual racial justice learning for all members of CHSS - faculty, staff, students, and administrators
  3. Foster awareness, reflection, dialogue and healing about race and racism in higher education
  4. Translate awareness into actions and policies that recreate CHSS into a racially just organization
  5. Institutionalize a CHSS leadership and governance structure that centers, embeds and enacts racial justice
Racially diverse circle of people from below