Family Acceptance Project Releases Poster Series for American Indian Families & Communities

Author: Staff
October 27, 2021
FAP American-Indian Posters on a Banner

Family Acceptance Project Releases Poster Series for American Indian Families & Communities to Help Families to Support their LGBTQ / Two Spirit Children to Reduce Risk and Increase Well-Being

Posters Show Critical Role of Family Rejecting and Accepting Behaviors on Risk for Suicide, Drug Use, HIV & Wellness

The Family Acceptance Project (FAP) at San Francisco State University, in collaboration with Council Oak Training and Evaluation, Inc. has launched new research-based Healthy Futures posters for American Indian families & communities to help parents, families and caregivers to support LGBTQ / Two Spirit (LGBTQ-2S) children and youth to reduce health risks and increase well-being. The term “Two Spirit” is used to describe diverse gender, spiritual and social identities among Native and Indigenous people that transcend binary concepts of male and female. Historically, Two Spirit people held respected roles in many tribal communities.

High levels of risk for LGBTQ-2S adolescents for suicide, substance abuse, depression and victimization call for evidence-based approaches that increase support and connectedness, and these connections start with families. Family support plays a major role in helping to buffer racism and rejection and to promote positive development. FAP’s research has identified more than 100 specific family rejecting behaviors that increase risk for suicide, depression, drug use, HIV and other health risks and are experienced as traumatic for these youth, as well as specific family accepting behaviors that promote well-being. These new posters show parents and caregivers specific ways to help reduce their LGBTQ-2S children’s risk and increase family support.

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