CHSS Healing Circles to be relaunched for Spring 2023

Author: Sherria Taylor
February 1, 2023

In Spring 2023, the CHSS RACE Collective will be relaunching the college-wide Healing Circles Initiative to focus on racial justice through collective learning, unlearning and radical community care.

Please take a look at the video message below from our new director of Healing Circles, Sherria Taylor, explaining why Healing Circles matter in CHSS and what we hope to create and sustain through the Healing Circles Initiative.

Healing Circles will start approximately in mid-late February. They will be structured and racial identity-specific. Each group will choose a book to walk through from a selection of books and the group will determine how long and how often their group will meet.

These Healing Circles will be in addition to and complemented by Unlearning/Learning Circles facilitated throughout the semester. This semester the Unlearning/Learning Circles will focus on:

  • Healing the larger institution through learning and unlearning
  • Rest and restorative practices in an exhaustion-producing climate
  • Organizing for change within the institution
  • Toxic professionalism and leadership
  • Embodiment as resistance
  • Workplace rituals that promote joy and radical self-care, and more

More information and sign-ups for Learning/Unlearning Circles will be shared throughout the semester. Please sign up to attend when they are announced.

To learn more about the Healing Circles Initiative, visit the Healing Circles page on the CHSS website.