CHSS conference travel awards now available for faculty

Author: Kate Hamel
September 5, 2023

Tenured/tenure-track faculty at all ranks and all lecturers are eligible for the award.  Please direct any questions to Kate Hamel, Assistant Dean for Faculty Development and Scholarship:

Reviews begin September 5, 2023

In recognition of the importance of conferences in the professional development of scholarly skills and dissemination of research, the College of Health & Social Sciences is offering travel awards for faculty to support the presentation of their peer-reviewed scholarship at professional conferences. The award will cover expenses (hotel, airfare and conference registration only) up to a maximum of $1200 (no additional funding is available beyond the maximum); the maximum for lecturers below a .6 timebase will be prorated on the basis of their timebase during the semester they apply; lecturers at a .6 timebase or above will receive full funding up to the maximum of $1200.  Faculty on FERP are not eligible.  Support will only be awarded for one trip per fiscal year.

The conference must take place between 9/15/23 and 6/15/24. If approved, travelers must submit a) documentation to verify the acceptance of their peer-reviewed presentation and b) travel request and expenses through Concur to get their reimbursement from the University: in-state – two (2) weeks or sooner from travel dates, out-of-state – three (3) weeks or sooner from travel dates, international – seven (7) weeks or sooner from travel dates; conference registration requires approval of Concur travel request before paying for registration. Receipts will be due within 0-30 days of return and no post travel transactions will be allowed.

All faculty, including T/TT and lecturers, are eligible for the award. The review of applications will be on a rolling basis and will begin on September 5, 2023.  Half of the funding will be available for applications submitted between 9/5/23 and 12/21/23 and the other half for submissions between 1/3/24 and 5/15/24.  Awards will be given out on a first come basis during each application period according to need until the funds are gone.