CHSS Undergraduate Research & Creative Works Showcase

CHSS Undergrad Showcase graphic

Thursday, May 4, 2023 – Seven Hills Conference Center


10:30–11:30 a.m.
Student presenter check-in and set up

11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Lunch for registered student presenters, faculty, and staff

12:30–2 p.m.
Student showcase (open to the public)


By Subject Area

Numerical Index

Number Student(s) Subject Area Title Faculty Advisor or Course Instructor
1 Nathan Burns Sociology SURV(IO)LANCE: A Zine on Surveillance, Violence, and Survival Katie Manbachi
2 Dillon Cowell Apparel Design & Merchandising Mass-Manufacturing Zero Waste Workwear Project Amy Dorie
3 Zoe Kalem Apparel Design & Merchandising Solandis Amy Dorie
4 Christopher Filice Apparel Design & Merchandising Tuile Amy Dorie
5 Olivia Floyd Apparel Design & Merchandising Renascence  Amy Dorie
6 Bobbi Putnam Interior Design Costa Rica Tiny House Gus Vouchilas
7 Humberto Buisan Apparel Design & Merchandising Capstone Collection  Amy Dorie
8 Andre James Aberin Apparel Design & Merchandising SF Apocalypse: Solitary Traveler Amy Dorie
9 Edward Lopez Apparel Design & Merchandising SF Apocalypse: Everyman Catastrophe Amy Dorie
10 Justin Burnett Apparel Design & Merchandising SF Apocalypse: First Responder  Amy Dorie 
11 Nikkia Patterson Nursing Marijuana Mamas: Patients’ Lived Experience of Cannabis Use in Pregnancy & Postpartum Carrie Holschuh
12 Tano D’Amore Criminal Justice Studies Nuclear weapons, peace, and stability Carina Gallo 
13 Nicholas Heinz Holistic Health The Power of Self-Healing through Holistic Health Practices Erik Peper
14 Starr Lopez, Briana Sanchez, Kayla Truong, Kenneth Miranda & Maria Francheska Camunias Kinesiology  How do Apple Watches influence the motivation and engagement levels in physical activity for college students compared to previous exercise habits? Anthony Mayo
15 Ysobelle Flores, Monika Sabelja & Nhi Tran Public Health Exploring perceptions related to the dual use of tobacco and cannabis among young people. Juliana van Olphen
16 Gabriel Camacho Criminal Justice Studies  A Conversation: The Positive Correlation Between Crime Rate and Poverty Rate Albert de la Tierra 
17 Ursula Choice Social Work Ethical Challenges in Social Work Practice in Pandemic Conditions: A Photovoice Project Jocelyn Hermoso
18 Donya Ellaibody, Tomas Griego & Joshua Koch Holistic Health Benefits of Nature Meditation on Prison populations  Jennifer Daubenmier
19 Patrick Bialy, Maty Kirkes, Oleksandr Shmyhun & Kylie Johanson Kinesiology What about hybrids? Supplemental methods for skeletal muscle fibre typing Jimmy Bagley
20 Leah Ford Apparel Design & Merchandising West African Textile Development  Amy Dorie 
21 Roger Lau Criminal Justice Studies Political Warfare Social Media Final Podcast Carina Gallo
22 Chevez Turner, Cesear Carrera, Giovanni Oritiz, Alexander Poklad, Mohammed Elguhiem & Alexander Tolas Kinesiology Athletic Performance and ACTN3: The “Speed-Gene” Jimmy Bagley 
23 Emma Seiber, Sherelie Lum, Isaiah Coston & Maiah Cook Holistic Health Meditation and Sleep Jennifer Daubenmier
24 Andrea Nava, Andrea Murillo, Aries Dong & Ashley Little Child & Adolescent Development Virtual Reality for Children an Exploratory Study Rachel Flynn
25 Malina Bohannan Apparel Design & Merchandising Tang Dynasty Dress Amy Dorie
26 Raul Salinas, Josh Tolentino, Gary Grosjean & Tristan Blanco Kinesiology Liberties given to athletes from coaches, and the effects they have on motivation and performance Anthony Mayo
27 Melisa Calvillo, Aurelia Serrato, Rayna Andal & Abi Mora Holistic Health  Self compassion: High school/College Women  Jennifer Daubenmier
28 Cesar Carrera, Kylie Johanson, Alex Shmyhun, Chevez Turner & Jessica Lorge Kinesiology  Exercise is Medicine on Campus: A Tool for Health and Academic Success  Jimmy Bagley 
29 Kana Miyakawa Apparel Design & Merchandising Transformations of Japanese Kimono Fashion from Late Edo–Early Meiji Period Amy Dorie
30 Gabriel Singer Holistic Health The study of nutmeg from eastern and western perspective Jennifer Daubenmier
31 Veronica Pena Kinesiology Understanding How Motivation Orientation Influences Exercise Adherence in College-Aged Student Anthony Mayo
32 Amanda Aguilar Apparel Design & Merchandising Native Fashion: A Research Essay on Aztec Dress Amy Dorie
33 Eduardo Hernandez Criminal Justice Studies Mass Incarceration: Supporting the U.S Imperial Regime Albert de la Tierra
34 Andres Arguijo, Bobakr Hussain, Andrei Savella, Lawrence Micalt & Kaitlyn Mejia Kinesiology  Impact of Exercising in Pairs versus Alone on Motivation and Performance Anthony Mayo
35 Michelle Chiong Apparel Design & Merchandising Costume History Research of Central Philippines: 19th Century  Amy Dorie
36 Estefany Romero  Criminal Justice Studies  How the Plea Bargain Affects Our Criminal Justice System Albert de la Tierra
37 Brittney Berglund Apparel Design & Merchandising The Han Dynasty: Historical Dress Amy Dorie
38 Ian Nodaros, Aric Cariaga, Victoria Sanchez & Jennifer Hrepcshak Kinesiology Moving to Your Own Beat Anthony Mayo
39 Grace Cheechov Apparel Design & Merchandising History of Dress: The Incas Amy Dorie
40 Nicole Gonzales, Jaden Soriano, Kai Hernandez, Abigail Chavez & Gabrielle Dela Cruz Kinesiology The Effects of Social-Comparative Feedback on a Tossing Motor Skill Anthony Mayo