Below are examples of workshops we offer. Check back later for Fall 2019 workshop dates.

Code-Switching: Playing the Game in Academia

Students are invited to attend a workshop to learn the importance of language in higher education. Join us to talk about words and their impact in school and work.

CHSS Ready-to-Reg Workshops

First-year CHSS students, are you ready to register for your next semester at SF State? Come learn how to prioritize course for the semester. Take the opportunity to review Gator Scheduler, degree requirements, and prepare your shopping card for the enrollment period.

You're Graduating! What's Next? Workshop

Getting ready to launch into the professional world but unsure where to start? We'll help you develop a personalized Job Search Strategy Plan to help you plan for what you can, and take advantage of hthe unexpected in order to achieve your goals!

Graduation Workshops

Are you thinking about graduation next semester? Next year? If so, come learn about graduation tips and walk away knowing if you have completed all your general education (GE) and university requirements! There are several dates and times to choose from...

Pre-Nursing Workshops

Pathways to Nursing

Are you interested in a career in Nursing? Want to learn more about other health majors and professions? Come learn about the different pathways into nursing while exploring other health professions.

Creating a Pre-Nursing Education Plan

Come learn how to use and create an education plan to complete the pre-requisites for SF State's BSN program. This workshop is intended for those who are already familiar with the process of applying to the BSN program.