College Task Forces

The College has three task forces representing the primary areas that comprise the faculty’s work—teaching, scholarship and service. These faculty-governed task forces were established to help create a supportive, affirming academic community at the College.


The Task Force on Teaching aims to foster excellence in teaching. This task force is in the process of developing a college-wide teaching award to recognize extraordinary teaching. As a task force concerned with promoting outstanding teaching, it is currently conceptualizing a CHSS Teaching Academy to create interventions that will assist CHSS faculty to become highly skilled teachers.

A Collective Vision for Teaching

CHSS Teaching Academy Virtual Resource Center


The Task Force on Scholarship addresses pressing issues related to research and other scholarly productivity of faculty in CHSS. In the 2017/18 school year, the Task Force is prioritizing a needs assessment related to undergraduate student involvement in mentored research activities, a best practice for college retention.

A Collective Vision for Scholarship

Contributions to Campus and Community (Service)

The Task Force on Service is devoted to spotlighting and elevating the importance of service activities in CHSS. Its current work involves creating metrics for evaluating service activities on campus and in community and professional settings. Also, this task force creates and coordinates workshops and discussions for the CHSS community on an annual basis.

A Collective Vision for Contributions to Campus and Community

Faculty Service Resources