Jennifer Kerwin, M.A.

Jennifer Kerwin
Graduation Specialist

What is your approach to advising/working with students?

I use a holistic, three-step approach to advising that I hope manages students expectations by informing of choices and consequences in regards to guidelines, deadlines, policies, procedures and pathways for planning their education to successfully reach their goals. 1-Define Goals, 2-Rank Values, 3-Explore Options 

How did you get here?

My heart belongs to San Francisco — though I grew up in the Foothills of Los Angeles. I had hoped to complete my undergrad at SF State, but life brought me to forests of Humboldt State where I completed my B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Art. I had hoped to earn my master’s degree at SF State, but life brought me to the beaches of San Diego (SDSU), where I earned my M.A. in Education, with an emphasis in Counseling and a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Recovery and Trauma Informed Care. I created stepping stones for myself along the way, with a specific goal in mind; each step forward filling me with gratitude and respect. Finally, life brought me here to be part of the SF State legacy, to support our continuing and future students through this exciting journey. 

Most unusual job you ever had?

Baker for a gourmet dog food/treat bakery

About me (likes and hobbies)

In addition to advising, I also make art and music. My work explores the integration of the natural world and any application of observation or scientific inquiry for experiential purposes by balancing a composition of multiple perspectives, layers and mediums to create dialogue about problems we face as a society. 

What is your favorite book?

“Frankenstein,” by Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) Shelley;  “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time,” by Mark Haddon

What advice do you have for SF State Gators?


(415) 405-3740