David Woo

Dave Woo
Director, Student Resource Center

What is your approach to advising/working with students?

When I was an advisor, I don’t know if I had a singular approach to working with students other than maybe trying to understand what that student is bringing to the table, what his/her/their needs were and trying to adapt to what worked best for them within the confines of my abilities. Not sure if I always got it right; in fact, I'm sure I didn't always get it right, but I tried my best to be their advocate.

How did you get here?

Long windy road! I was a first-generation college student whose parents immigrated to the U.S. without speaking a word of English.  They tried to instill the value of education in me, but I was a horrible student in high school and marginal at the community college. I did what I could to get my bachelor’s degree, but it wasn’t until I got to graduate school where I finally excelled at academics, mainly because I had a wonderful mentor, but also because I finally enjoyed what i was learning in school. I ended up earning dual master’s degrees in College and Career Counseling and Public Administration. Professionally, I’ve been at SF State since 2001 starting as an academic advisor at EOP/Student Support Services for my first five years before moving into the Athletics Department for the next seven years as their academic coordinator. I’ve been with our Student Resource Center as its director since 2013 and loving every second of it!

Most unusual job you ever had?

I’ve had several! I’ve held jobs as a baker, gas station attendant, mechanic’s apprentice, and telemarketer, but probably the most unusual job I had was a professional DJ for about 15 years spinning at local SF bars, clubs, parties and for my mobile sound and lighting company. I had a lot of fun in my ’20s and ’30s!

About me (likes and hobbies)

Pretty tame likes now — running is something I do a lot of, though I can’t say its a like or hobby. I still love good sound and heavy bass so I enjoy tweaking my home theater setup. Been a true Warriors fan through thick and thin since 1980 (JB Carroll, Sleepy Floyd, Larry Smith!) and a Niner fan since their first Super Bowl in 1981. Love spending time with my family — I absolutely adore my two boys and spend a decent chunk of my time with them. 

What is your favorite book?

Who has time to read nowadays! I actually used to read quite a lot of ethnic literature, particularly books on Asian American history, culture, identity issues, etc. but since having kids, what little free time I have for any kind of reading is scrolling on CNN or ESPN on my phone.

What advice do you have for SF State Gators?

Enjoy your time here and live in the present as much as you can, these moments are fleeting and in a blink of an eye, it'll be over and you'll be graduating!  But to help you get there, make sure to meet up with our SRC and faculty advisors as much as possible so you can stay on track!

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