Support communities affected by the North Bay Fires

Monday, December 18, 2017
volunteers at food bank

As a college dedicated to the well-being of individuals, families, communities and society and committed to social justice, we are deeply concerned about the impact of the catastrophic Bay Area fires on local communities — particularly among those who are most vulnerable, such as the region’s many low-income and undocumented workers.

As well, many members of our own community at CSU and SF State have been directly affected by the fires and need assistance. The situation challenges all of us to act on SF State's core values of equity and community. We encourage you to consider supporting the following relief funds:

Support for vulnerable communities

UndocuFund for Fire Relief in Sonoma County

Launched by a coalition of immigrant service providers and advocates, the UndocuFund for Fire Relief in Sonoma County provides direct assistance to undocumented victims of the Northern California fires. An estimated 38,500 undocumented immigrants live and work in Sonoma County. Unlike other victims of the fires that have devastated Sonoma County, undocumented immigrants do not qualify for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency Lack of immigration status, limited English proficiency, and fear of immigration enforcement will also impede their access to disaster-relief services, even when they are eligible. Lack of familiarity or comfort with law enforcement, county departments, and financial institutions present additional barriers. Consequently, the fire victims will face significant challenges in meeting basic needs and rebuilding their lives here in Sonoma County where the cost of living is very high.

Tipping Point Community Emergency Relief Fund

Tipping Point Community, a San Francisco based anti-poverty group, has also set up a relief fund for low-income, vulnerable communities impacted by the crisis, including vineyard workers, immigrants, displaced young people and students. Phase One of funding will address urgent needs; Phase Two will support mid- and long-term rebuilding efforts.

Latino Community Foundation NorCal Wildfires Relief Fund

The Latino Community Foundation (LCF) has just launched the NorCal Wildfires Relief Fund to support the emergency relief and long-term reconstruction work of three regional Latino nonprofit organizations – North Bay Organizing Project in Santa Rosa, La Luz Center in Sonoma and UpValley Family Centers in Calistoga.

Funds for CSU and SF State communities

Sonoma State Fire Victims Fund

The CSU Chancellor’s Office has created a fund to help Sonoma State students, staff and faculty affected by the fires. Your donation will help provide temporary housing, clothing, bedding, cell phones, and other basic necessities.

SF State Special Emergency Fund

Your contributions will assist SF State faculty and staff impacted by the North Bay fires with financial support to aid them in recovery. This may include support such as temporary housing, clothing, household supplies and other necessities. Any funds derived from this campaign which have not been distributed by December 31, 2017, will be donated to a similar fund established to support members of the Sonoma State University community, the United Way’s fire fund, or a similar fire victim relief fund.

SF State HOPE Fund

The SF State HOPE Fund (Help, Opportunity, and the Pathway to Empowerment) supports students experiencing traumatic life events such as fire or natural disasters, the loss of parental support, abuse/violence, loss of a job, car break down, which result in financial exigency and put students at risk of dropping out of school.