Student voices: What is it like to be an SF State student?

Friday, March 26, 2021
Zoom image of student panelists

Panelists name diversity, opportunity and faculty support as SF State strengths

On March 19, three students from the College of Health & Social Sciences recorded a conversation about their experiences as students at San Francisco State University. They discussed why they decided to come to SF State, shared their favorite experiences and described how they have grown or changed while at SF State. Susanna Jones, assistant dean for student success, introduced the panel, and Marty Martinson, chair of the Department of Public Health, served as moderator.



“To me, what really spoke to me about San Francisco State was its diversity,” said Monica Corzo, an undergraduate student in Dietetics & Nutrition Science. “I wanted to have the opportunity to interact with people from all different cultural backgrounds.”

SF State’s opportunities for learning and networking were common themes that emerged in the students’ conversation. Romina Prasad, an undergraduate majoring in Child & Adolescent Development, advised prospective students, “There’s so many opportunities that will come up, and it might be scary at first, but it’s so important to take the chance.”

Corzo, who is currently working as an undergraduate research assistant, said, “When I first started college, I had no idea that I would ever be interested in research, or that I would ever have the opportunity to work in research.” She is now considering going on to a master’s program.

Criminal Justice Studies major Michael Garcia spoke about the chance he’s had to meet people he wouldn’t have met otherwise. “Talking to so many people, just through connections alone, has been something that I never thought possible. Speaking to activists who have gone on to speak to millions of people, to going to someone who just wants to have a friendly talk.”

“I know that SF State has prepared me to be the best version of myself that I can be, to make sure that I am 100 percent a positive force in this world.”

The panelists also spoke of the importance of their relationships with their professors, whom they described as supportive and inspiring.

“Getting to work with a variety of professors from a diverse background who share the same passion and who are just persevering in their fields, whether that is through research or just through the amount of knowledge that they have, has been mind-blowing,” Corzo said.

“The relationships I’ve made with my professors have been unreal,” Prasad said. “I never knew that I could have that much support and have someone believe in me.”

Garcia summed up how SF State has prepared him for his future career: “I have way, tremendous more confidence in myself as a scholar, as an activist and as a person. … The one thing I know is that when I go into [my career in law enforcement], and when I’m able to serve my public, that I know that SF State has prepared me to be the best version of myself that I can be, to make sure that I am 100 percent a positive force in this world.”