Roberts, Harvey team up for NSF research project

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Professor Nina Roberts (Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism) and Professor Rick Harvey (Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism/Institute for Holistic Health Studies) are engaged in an NSF Integrative and Collaborative Education and Research project (ICER – 2036241). The sub-award title, Voices of Integrating Culture in the Earth Sciences (VOICES), is a collaborative pilot study focused on identifying new pathways to dismantle persistent barriers in the recruitment, retention, and representation of different racial, ethnic and cultural groups, including the intersectionality of those with disabilities.

Currently, underrepresented scholars experience barriers to professional development. The project examines strategies for ameliorating disparities by focusing on factors such as increasing opportunities for inclusion that foster a sense of belonging professionally. Other factors include exploring the construct of safety among underrepresented scholars. Abstractly, what does it mean to feel safe in one's chosen profession? Taken together, the project explores identity and belonging along with a sense of safety through a series of workshops and training sessions. For more information related to the grant, please contact Rick Harvey at