In memoriam: Ann Hallum

Tuesday, September 08, 2020
Ann Hallum

Former Dean of Graduate Studies Ann Hallum recently passed away. A licensed physical therapist and psychologist, Hallum focused her academic research and community outreach activities on physical therapy for disabled children. She joined the University in 1990 to head a new graduate program in physical therapy, offered jointly by SF State and University of California, San Francisco. Like many clinicians, she moved back and forth between clinical environments and academia in order to understand the problems faced when working with children with developmental issues.

After earning a B.S. in Physical Therapy at UCSF, Hallum engaged in research as a fellow in Pediatrics at the University of North Carolina, where she studied gait problems in children. From there she earned her M.S. at UC Davis combining study in child development and engineering to further investigate movement disorders. She then moved to the Stanford School of Medicine for seven years, teaching functional anatomy and pediatrics in the physical therapy program. Changing research directions, Hallum completed her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Stanford and did a fellowship at Oregon Health Sciences University. She arrived at SF State licensed as a physical therapist and psychologist with research interests in family caregiving of children with multiple disabilities.

Hallum was instrumental in developing SF State’s College of Health and Human Services, where she served as associate dean for seven years. In 2005, she became the dean of Graduate Studies. She retired in 2017.

Despite a long career filled with service to others, she did find time to pursue side interests: She loved snazzy sports cars, was a licensed pilot and flew gilder planes for years.

“Ann Hallum was an outstanding dean of Graduate Studies,” said Provost Emerita Sue Rosser. “She approached building the graduate programs across the campus with the same passion, standards and dedication that she gave to everything from traveling to Antarctica and Machu Picchu to fighting cancer. She cared deeply about the students and would often spend hours trying to solve a problem or work with an individual to ensure completion of a thesis or master’s program to position that person for success after SF State.”

“It was my honor and privilege to work with Ann Hallum from 2008 to 2013,” added former Dean of Undergraduate Studies Gail Evans. “When I arrived at SF State, Ann was one of the first to welcome me. Through the years, I saw firsthand that everything she did was with the primary goal of helping students. She worked tirelessly, often nights and weekends. Ann had a wonderful sense of adventure, and one of her favorite pastimes was flying glider planes! I loved catching up with her on Mondays to find out what her adventures had been over the weekend. SF State was very fortunate to have Ann as part of its community for so many years.”

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