Heartfelt thanks and best wishes to our retiring chairs

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Ed McCaughan, professor and interim director of the School of Social Work, and Nancy Rabolt, professor and chair of the Department of Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics will both be retiring as of the end of the Spring 2016 semester. Our thanks to both of them for their many years of distinguished service. They will be missed!

Ed McCaughanEd McCaughan arrived at SF State to chair a sociology department of six faculty desperately trying to maintain their program. He retires this year from a robust Department of Sociology and Sexuality Studies that is more than double in size and looking at a very bright future. He was the leader and prime architect of this remarkable transformation, and he accomplished it during a time of fiscal challenge.  In 2009, he began serious discussions with Sexuality Studies about how best to protect this program from elimination. In 2015, he became director of the School of Social Work. For more than a decade, his efforts have left the University stronger and more capable.

More than just an efficient chair, McCaughan was the key mentor to seven junior faculty in Sociology and Sexuality Studies, helping them develop their careers. An advocate of interdisciplinarity, McCaughan made connections throughout campus, putting together exhibitions, presentations and dialogues that brought together arts, humanistic commentary and social science analysis.  He played the same role as editor of Social Justice, an interdiciplinary journal also dedicated to praxis.

Off campus, McCaughan is a board member of Galeria de la Raza in the Mission District. There, he helps bring exhibitions of the same incisive quality to the general public. This summer, he will bring an exhibition of Queer Mexican artists and local Mexican American artists to the Galeria, beginning a conversation sure to be lively and insightful.

While at SF State, he authored Art and Social Movements: Cultural Politics in Mexico and Aztlán, a volume that attracted worldwide attention, leading to new research collaborations in South Africa and Brazil.  He is currently working on a volume tentatively entitled Queerly Mexican, look at how LGBT public culture transformed Mexican identity in the late 20th century.  

Nancy RaboltNancy Rabolt joined San Francisco State University 37 years ago as an educator in the concentration of Clothing and Textiles. Her extensive research in consumer behavior served as the foundation for the many courses she has developed and taught over the years.  She spearheaded a summer fashion course which has taken place in New York City annually for the past 20 years in order to bring her students a real-world experience in an area of study she loves. In addition to her many published and presented scholarly research are two co-authored editions of Consumer Behavior in Fashion, most recently published in 2008.

Rabolt has taught within the Department of Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics for 20 years. Over the past 17 years,  she has been repeatedly voted in as department chair because of her knowledge, expertise and perseverance.  In this position, Rabolt has overseen the renaming of the department such that it aligned with the national efforts of moving from home economics to family and consumer sciences. She has successfully directed self-studies in order to maintain undergraduate program accreditation by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences and has been instrumental in overseeing the impaction of three undergraduate programs.

In addition to her work as department chair, Rabolt continues to serve as scholarship director for the California Affiliate of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (CA AFCS). She has been instrumental in assuring that approximately $15,000.00 in scholarships funds are awarded annually to students in the family and consumer sciences field throughout the state. She serves on the Extended Education Fund committee of CA AFCS and serves as a site visitation committee member for AAFCS accreditation of post-secondary family and consumer sciences programs.

Rabolt’s support for student success is paramount. Her passion for recognizing personal growth and achievement has been evidenced in her continued leadership for each of the programs in the department.