CHSS Connection: Publications

Friday, July 10, 2020

July/August 2020 issue

Bagley, Lee author forthcoming exercise physiology textbook

Exercise Physiology book cover Department of Kinesiology Assistant Professor Jimmy Bagley and Professor and Chair Matt Lee have authored a textbook to be released this fall, “Laboratory Experiences in Exercise Physiology.” The manual guides students through engaging lab activities, teaching advanced concepts with clarity and approachability. This book includes step-by-step lab procedures, practical applications, historical perspectives, online demos and an Electronic Lab Report System (eLabs).



Holistic Health student researchers publish stories about inequality and criminal justice reform

Project Censored graphicHolistic Health Studies student researchers with Project Censored-SF State published five independent news stories about inequality, police brutality and criminal justice reform:

The stories by Meyer and Rosenberg will be published in an upcoming book, “Censored 2021.”

Peper book, blog entries provide timely advice in the age of COVID-19

Muscle Biofeedback book coverErik Peper, a Holistic Health professor in the Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism, has coauthored a book packed with tips for working from home more comfortably and effectively. The book includes advice on setting up an ergonomically healthy work area, using biofeedback to avoid neck and shoulder discomfort and eye strain, and much more. Titled “Muscle Biofeedback at the Computer: A Manual to Prevent Discomfort at the Computer by Taking the Guesswork Out of Assessment, Monitoring and Training,” the book can be downloaded for free from the website of the Biofeedback Federation of Europe. 

Peper also authors a blog, The Peper Perspective, in which he has posted numerous entries relevant to COVID-19, on topics such as resolving eyestrain and screen fatigue, nose-breathing in the age of COVID-19, reducing initial dose of the virus and optimizing your immune system, reducing tech stress at home, and changing your breathing pattern to reduce coronavirus exposure.

Book by Peper, Harvey addresses technology-induced stress

Tech Stress book coverProfessor Erik Peper and Associate Professor Richard Harvey, Holistic Health faculty members in the Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism, coauthored an upcoming book with Nancy Faass titled, “TechStress: How Technology Is Hijacking Our Lives, Strategies for Coping, and Pragmatic Ergonomics.” The book has relevance for anyone working with a computer. Forty percent of adults and 80 percent of teenagers report experiencing significant visual symptoms (eyestrain, blurry vision, dry eyes), headaches, neck, shoulder, back pain, zoom/screen fatigue and exhaustion. Parents are concerned about the impact of their children being captured, educated and socialized by digital devices. The book offers real, practical tools to avoid the evolutionary traps that trip us up, helping us reduce physical strain, prevent sore muscles, combat brain drain and correct poor posture. “TechStress” is published by North Atlantic Books and will be released August 25.

Roberts offers historical perspective on involvement of people of color in preservation and conservation

Park Stewardship Forum cover artProfessor of Recreation, Parks & Tourism Nina S. Roberts published a column in the “Coloring Outside the Lines” section of the journal Parks Stewardship Forum. In the editorial, titled “Connecting the dots: Why does what and who came before us matter?,” she and coauthor Alan Spears review organizations that pioneered the involvement of persons of color in park stewardship, outdoor recreation, historic preservation and other forms of place-based conservation.



Stannard publishes about impact of COVID-19 on perianesthesia nursing areas 

School of Nursing Lecturer Daphne Stannard published an article, “COVID-19: Impact on Perianesthesia Nursing Areas,” in the Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing. In the article, Stannard first describes coronaviruses and then discusses the impact of emerging biologic threats on perianesthesia nursing areas.

Toporek authors book on taking action for social change

Taking Action book cover Professor and Chair of Counseling Rebecca Toporek and her colleague Muninder Kaur Ahluwalia recently published “Taking Action: Creating Social Change through Strength, Solidarity, Strategy, and Sustainability,” an activity book designed to energize and guide readers who want to take action on issues they care about. Designed around four areas of reflection, the book integrates information, research, and activities to foster social change. It was published by Cognella Press.