CHSS Connection: Presentations

Friday, May 01, 2020

May 2020 issue

Balin discusses holistic support for international students’ career transitions

NCDA webinar adElif Balin, assistant professor in the Department of Counseling, was a presenter in a webinar with her colleagues from the International Student Services Committee at the National Career Development Association (NCDA) on April 28. The webinar, “Holistic Support for the Career Transition of International Students Returning Home in the Coronavirus Era and Beyond,” aimed to address the complexity of context and factors that motivate students’ return to country of origin or home country. It addressed both voluntary and involuntary or crisis-related return. The presentation included a discussion of potential advantages and challenges about returning home country, and identified resources and best practices to help international students prepare to return home country from a holistic and culturally competent lens.

International students have always struggled with uncertainty and barriers on their career path during and after their studies. It is now more complicated than ever, and they need more significant support and advocacy from the universities in the U.S. that are enriched by them. International students and recent grads currently face enormous uncertainty and fear in the wake of recent COVID-19-related closure of borders, immigration regulations and economic crisis. Many choose to return to their country of origin and feel confused about how to rebuild a network and navigate their career development after being away for several years. Thus, career development professionals need to think more critically about multiple contexts and cultural factors that impact international students’ career decisions. The webinar discussed ways in which we can proactively and holistically support international student career development before and after their return.

The webinar will be available for streaming for free (without continuing education credit) on the NCDA Webinar Series website.

Daubenmier presents on Tibetan medicine wisdom for COVID-19 heath care providers

Jennifer Daubenmier, assistant professor of Holistic Health Studies in the Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism, gave a presentation at UCSF to the Palliative Medicine Center in the Department of Medicine as part of a panel discussion titled “Healing the Healers: Tibetan Medicine Wisdom for Healthcare Professionals in COVID-19 Times” on April 19.

Platas and international education experts speak at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation research workshop

children in classroomAssistant Professor of Child & Adolescent Development Linda M. Platas was an invited speaker on early math development in low-income contexts at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Consultation on the Application of the Science of Teaching Foundational Literacy and Numeracy in Low-Income Contexts, held March 30-31. The workshop convened experts in teaching in low- and middle-income countries to establish what is already known about effective classroom practices and to identify areas for needed future research. The longer-term intended outputs will be a series of global public goods which synthesize the evidence and describe classroom practices in a highly accessible format for use by policymakers, donors and practitioners.

Pictured: Preschool children in Dar es-Salaam, Tanzania (Courtesy of Linda Platas)




Roberts moderates panel at Virtual InterpTech

Diversity panel at InterpTechProfessor of Recreation, Parks & Tourism Nina Roberts moderated a panel titled “Increasing Digital Access to ALL Audiences = Increasing Physical Access to ALL Audiences — Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)" at Virtual InterpTech on May 13. Panelists included Jose Gonzalez, founder of Latino Outdoors; Myrian Solis Coronel, director of community engagement, Parks California; and Yanira Castro, owner, Humanity Communications Collective. An annual event presented by the National Association for Interpretation, InterpTech explores the intersection of technology and interpretation.