CHSS Connection: Headlines

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

September/October 2020 issue

McCaughan and painter husband delve into memories

Recent creative works by Emeritus Professor of Sociology Ed McCaughan and his husband, painter John Kaine, were published in the August 7, 2020 issue of La Tolteca, the blog of acclaimed writer Ana Castillo. The subject linking McCaughan’s text and Kaine’s paintings is memory. The blog features an excerpt from a memoir-in-progress about his lifelong friendship with celebrated Chicana activist Olga Talamante and his role in the campaign to free her from an Argentine prison in the 1970s. It describes how their relationship began in 1969 in a Greyhound bus parking lot in Santa Cruz, where Talamante taught him the lyrics to an old Mexican ranchera — “Quiero que sepas” (I want you to know) by Los Cardenales de Nuevo Leon.

This issue of La Tolteca also highlights two recent large-scale paintings by Kaine, described as “a meditation on the people who have influenced his life and art.  His paintings bring together family members and artistic mentors in a collage of memories and imagined encounters: the biological father and the father who raised him, the twin brother taken by AIDS, boys facing the world of men, and the artists who inspired him (Julio Galán, David Hockney, Rodolfo Morales, David Wojnarowicz).”

Pictured: John Kaine, Tot Vater.  Acrylic on canvas, 170 cm x 170 cm, 2020.

Guedes celebrates legacy of women athletes responsible for inclusion of women's basketball in Olympics

Mulheres à Cesta book coverA documentary conceived by Professor of Kinesiology Claudia Guedes was released on September 6. “Mulheres à Cesta” gives voice to the stories of exceptional women who gave visibility to women’s basketball in the ’60s and ’70s and who became responsible for the inclusion of this sport in the Olympic Games, leaving a legacy for athletes who inherited this achievement.

The main objective of this documentary is to inspire the current and future generations of female basketball athletes, and to recognize these women for a feat that took effort, dedication and love. The “Mulheres à Cesta” project includes a book and an e-book as well as the documentary.