CHSS in the News 2019

A selection of recent stories in the media featuring members of the College community

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Professor of Kinesiology Matthew Lee discussed the benefits of a hard workout. Runner’s World (1/7/19) 

Professor of Health Education Erik Peper and Associate Professor of Health Education Richard Harvey published a study showing the importance of good posture while using a computer. Bustle (1/7/19); Consumer Affairs (1/7/19); IFLScience (1/4/19); CBS Boston (1/7/19); Fox 5 (1/7/19) (clip not available online); WTAX-AM (1/7/19); Top Sante (1/8/19); KVUE-TV 1/11/2019 (clip not available online); Study Finds (1/10/19); All 4 Women (1/10/19)  (This story was covered by numerous other media outlets.)