Welcome to the College of Health & Social Sciences

The College of Health & Social Sciences (CHSS) offers professional education in the health and human service disciplines. The College consists of the following group of professional schools and departments: Child & Adolescent Development, Clinical Laboratory Science, Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Environmental Studies, Gerontology, Health Education, The Institute for Civic and Community Engagement, Kinesiology, The Marian Wright Edelman Institute, Nursing, The Pacific Leadership Institute, Physical Therapy, Public Administration, Recreation, Parks &Tourism, Sexuality Studies, Social Work, Sociology, and Urban Studies and Planning.

The common goal of each of the College's professional programs is to assist students in developing competence in professional practice. This commitment to students produces alumni who will continue to work effectively with our professional schools and departments to preserve and promote the well-being of individuals, groups, and communities.