Information Technology Services

College of Health & Social Sciences (CHSS) Information Technology Services offers a number of services to suit faculty and staff IT needs. Our staff cover nearly 700 desktops and laptops, as well as printers, scanners and mobile devices across campus. They are trained in various PC software support systems, including Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as the Microsoft Office Suite, and anti-virus software. The College also offers web hosting and database services, as well as website creation and maintainence for college units. Computer labs are located in HSS 219, and Burk Hall 217.

Contact CHSS Information Technology Services

Help Desk Information

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Phone: (415) 405-3691

Online: Help Desk

CHSS Computer Labs

Computer Lab Use Policies

  • The One Card is now required for logon to lab computers. Students are expected to have their SFSU ID cards with them at all times during lab use.
  • We do not back up data of any kind. You are responsible to back up your data and coursework.
  • Food and drink are PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES—no exceptions.
  • Any technical concerns or maintenance issues should be reported to: ext.53691 or (415) 405-3691

For Instructors & Faculty

If you require software installed on lab computers for a class you are teaching, you must submit this request to CHSS Information Services at least one month prior to the end of the semester preceding the one in which the class will be taught. For example, if you are teaching a class in the spring semester beginning in January, you would need to request the software by the end of November at the latest. This ensures proper time for testing and installation on multiple machines and is a courtesy to other instructors. If a software installation is not properly tested it could impact all other software on the same machines, with the possibility of negatively impacting other instructors’ ability to teach.

Lab Information & Schedule

Burk Hall 217 Computer Lab Information

Workstation Information:

  • 23 Student Machines
  • 1 Instructor Station

Presentation Hardware

  • 1 - 80" flat screen

HSS 219 Computer Lab Information

Workstation Information:

  • 40 Student Machines
  • 1 Instructor Station

Presentation Hardware:

  • 1 - 80" Flat Screen
  • 1 - 60" Flat screen

ONECARD Logon Instructions

If the screen says "AVAILABLE", press a key or click the mouse and then make sure that the input cursor has been placed inside the SFSU ID field. Please swipe your SFSU ID card with the magnetic strip FACING THE GREEN LIGHT.