Faculty Advisors

Child & Adolescent Development

All Concentrations- Early Childhood, School Age,
Youth Work & Out of School Time
Location Email Phone Number
Chair: Soyeon Park Sci 394 cad@sfsu.edu (415) 405-3564
Rene Dahl Sci 394 cad@sfsu.edu (415) 405-3564
Linda Platas Sci 394 cad@sfsu.edu (415) 405-3564
Molly Shea Sci 394 cad@sfsu.edu (415) 405-3564
*Students not assigned specific advisors      
*Advising appointments can be booked only one week in advance      

Family Interiors Nutrition & Apparel 

Family Interiors Nutrition & Apparel  Location Email Phone Number
Chair: Connie Ulasewicz BH 329A cbu@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1219
B.S. in Apparel Design & Merchandising      
Amy Dorie (student last name A-L) BH 335C adorie@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1219
Connie Ulasewicz (student last name M-Z) BH 329A cbu@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1219
B.S. in Dietetics      
Gretchen George (student last name A-L) BH 302 glgeorge@sfsu.edu  (415) 338-1219
Jennifer Stimson (DPD) (student last name M-Z) BH 301 jstimson@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1219
Wanda Siu-Chan (Dietetics Internship) BH 303 siuchan@sfsu.edu  (415) 338-1219
B.A. in Family & Consumer Sciences      
Sherria Taylor Child and Family Sciences and General FCS BH 330 sherriat@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1219
Gretchen George (Nutrition student last name A-L) BH 302 glgeorge@sfsu.edu  (415) 338-1219
Jennifer Stimson (DPD) (Nutrition student last name M-Z) BH 301 jstimson@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1219
B.S. in Interior Design      
Karen Johnson-Carroll (student last name A-L) BH 335A johnsonc@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1219
Gus Vouchilas (student last name M-Z) BH 335B gusv@sfsu.edu  (415) 338-1219

Health Education

Health Education Location Email Phone Number
Chair: Mary Beth Love HSS 326 hed@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1413
Major Health Education, Minor Health Education, &
Minor Women's Health Issues
Ingrid Ochoa HSS 320 hedadv@sfsu.edu Online Appointment
Minor Holistic Health Studies       
Kenn Burrows HSS 329 holistic@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1413


Kinesiology Location Email Phone Number
Chair: Marialice Kern GYM 101 mkern@sfsu.edu (415) 338-2244
Associate Chair Matthew Lee GYM 101 cmlee@sfsu.edu (415) 338-2244
Ana Maria Barrera GYM 101 abarrera@sfsu.edu (415) 338-2244
*All new students must meet with Ana Maria Barrera during first semester in the program to be assigned an advisor based on student's emphasis. Once assigned an advisor, please seek assigned advisor for any future advising.      
*All faculty office hours and contact information can be found in the main office in GYM 101.      


  • For admitted Nursing students only.
  • Students must meet with assigned School of Nursing faculty advisor.
  • Nursing students can identify the name of their advisor by referencing the advisor list previously provided or visit the School of Nursing reception desk to obtain a new list.

Public Affairs & Civic Engagement (PACE)

Public Affairs & Civic Engagement (PACE) Location Email Phone Number
Chair: Elizabeth Brown HSS 260 eabrown@sfsu.edu (415) 405-2692
Deputy Chair: Ken Walsh HSS 232 kwalsh@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1312
B.A. Criminal Justice      
Ken Walsh HSS 232 kwalsh@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1312
George Barganier HSS 236 gbarg@sfsu.edu (415) 405-3427
Cesar "che" Rodriguez HSS 235 crodrig@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1062
Jeff Snipes HSS 235 jsnipes@sfsu.edu (415) 405-2176
Dilara Yarbrough HSS 235 dilara@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1077
B.A. Environmental Studies      
Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice Emphasis (ESSJ) emphasis      
Joel Kassiola (for both core and emphasis) HUM 539 kassiola@sfsu.edu (415) 338-3463
Autumn Thoyre  HSS 339 athoyre@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1015
Elizabeth Brown (backup) HSS 260 eabrown@sfsu.edu (415) 405-2692
The Urban Environment (TUE) emphasis      
Raquel Pinderhughes (both core and emphasis) HSS 137 raquelrp@sfsu.edu (415) 338-7520
Elizabeth Brown (backup) HSS 260 eabrown@sfsu.edu (415) 405-2692
Humanities and the Environment (HUM) emphasis      
For ENVS core advising, see Autumn Thoyre HSS 339 athoyre@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1015
For ENVS core advising, see Elizabeth Brown HSS 260 eabrown@sfsu.edu (415) 405-2692
For emphasis advising, see Sami Reist HUM 253 sami@sfsu.edu (415) 338-2241
B.S. Environmental Studies      
Concentration in Natural Resource Management and Conservation (NRMC)      
Carlos Davidson (student last name A - M) HSS 332 carlosd@sfsu.edu (415) 405-2127
Autumn Thoyre (student last name N - Z) HSS 339 athoyre@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1015
*NRMC (B.S. degree students) will have same advisor for core and concentration.  See the advisor you’re assigned to based on the first letter of your last name.    
Concentration in Earth System Science (ESS)      
For ESS core advising, Carlos Davidson HSS 332 carlosd@sfsu.edu (415) 405-2127
For choosing concentration courses, see Jason Gurdak  TH 538 jgurdak@sfsu.edu (415) 338-6869
*The ESS concentration is no longer offered, so this applies to already-enrolled students only.      
*All Environmental Studies Faculty Advisor's office hours listed are drop-in hours, no appointment needed.      
Urban Studies & Planning      
Jasper Rubin HSS 211 mjrubin@sfsu.edu (415) 405-3495
Ayse Pamuk HSS 136 pamuk@sfsu.edu (415) 338-7045
Tony Sparks HSS 210 tsparks@sfsu.edu (415) 338-3689
RaquelRivera-Pinderhughes HSS 137 raquelrp@sfsu.edu (415) 338-7520

Recreation, Parks & Tourism

Recreation, Parks & Tourism Location Email Phone Number
Chair: Erik Rosegard HSS 307A rpt@sfsu.edu (415) 338-2030

Sexuality Studies

Sexuality Studies (SXS)/
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies (LGBT) Minors
Location Email Phone Number
Rita Melendez (student last name A - L) HSS 378 rmelende@sfsu.edu Online Appointment
Christopher Carrington (student last name M - Z) HSS 369 ccarring@sfsu.edu Online Appointment

Social Work

Social Work Location Email Phone Number
Chair: Susanna Jones HSS 220 susjones@sfsu.edu (415) 405-4084
Yeon-Shim Lee HSS 216 yl375@sfsu.edu (415) 405-0944
Rita Takahasi HSS 216 ritatak@sfsu.edu (415) 338-7527
Jerald Shapiro HSS 214 jshap@sfsu.edu (415) 338-2716
Jocelyn Hermoso HSS 212 jhenmoso@sfsu.edu (415) 338-6187
Sonja Lenz-Rashid HSS 212 srlenz@sfsu.edu (415) 405-2459
*The BASW coordinator assigns students admitted to the BASW program to their respective advisors. The list of advisors and advisees are sent out to the cohort’s listserv and posted on the bulletin board outside of the SSW office in HSS 227. Contact information and office hours are posted on the SSW website.      


Sociology Location Email Phone Number
Chair:  Andreana Clay HSS 372 andreana@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1090
Luiz Barbosa (student last name A - Br) HSS 367C lbarbosa@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1330
Andreana Clay (student last name Bu - De) HSS 372 andreana@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1090
Clayton Dumont (student last name Di - Go) HSS 367C cdumont@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1090
Valerie Francisco-Menchavez (student last name Gr -  K) HSS 374 vfm@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1466
Karen Hossfeld (student last name L - Mi) HSS 368 hossfeld@sfsu.edu (415) 338-7059
Alexis Martinez (student last name Mo - Q) HSS 368 alexisnm@sfsu.edu (415) 338-2269
Marla Ramirez (student last name R - St) HSS 377 rmarla@sfsu.edu (415) 405-3502
Clare Sears (student last name Su - Z) HSS 373 clares@sfsu.edu (415) 338-1466
*For office hours please see department website.      
*All faculty advisors are available by appointment via email.