Mission & Vision


The College of Health & Social Sciences prepares students to help solve the most pressing and enduring issues confronting the well-being of individuals, families, communities and society.

Students, faculty and staff participate in a learning process that fosters excellence in their professions and supports them in the pursuit of equity and social justice.

To advance this mission, the College is committed to innovative teaching, scholarship and service that inspire leadership for positive social change.



Scholarly teaching is at the heart and foundation of the College of Health & Social Sciences’ mission. To this end, the College fosters excellence in teaching and develops faculty members whose passion for teaching is the spark for the personal, professional and intellectual growth of our students and ourselves. Although expertise in a discipline is a prerequisite to effective teaching, the College believes that scholarly teaching is grounded in the ability to engage students in translating knowledge to meaning, relevance and application in their personal and professional lives. To achieve this vision, the College cultivates an environment committed to deep and meaningful learning experiences. 

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Consistent with the social justice mission of the University, the hallmark of the College is its belief in the potential of scholarship to right a wrong — an act of intellectual advocacy to serve the public good, to wrestle with critical social problems, and to transform how individuals, communities and institutions function — by advancing and disseminating the knowledge and practice of specific disciplines. This purpose is best achieved when scholarship is supported as a faculty-initiated and faculty-driven process that emerges from their intellectual curiosity, expertise and professional identity. To affirm the breadth of faculty interests and to honor the spectrum of academic disciplines, the College embraces an inclusive view of scholarship as discovery, integration, application, teaching and engagement. We value scholarship that is ethical, innovative, interdisciplinary, collaborative, theoretical and applied.

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Contributions to campus and community are paramount to our mission. Within these categories, College policy and practice recognizes the importance of both contributions to the governance of the Departments, the College and University and to the civic engagement of faculty and students with the various communities we serve. Effectively addressing the most pressing health and social issues of our time requires community partnerships that inform our teaching and scholarship. Within our various communities, service is essential to effect positive health, social change, intellectual growth and increased quality of life. Our contributions to campus and community enhance the well-being of individuals and communities. We are proponents of equity, social justice and environmental sustainability. Our service activities ultimately involve advocating for, and working toward, the public good, including the betterment of institutions within all of our disciplines. Our contributions (or forms of service) are best achieved when they are initiated by faculty who derive intrinsic satisfaction from such service activities. The College endorses a breadth of service activities and strongly encourages faculty members to be involved in a blend of community-based as well as on-campus forms of service. 

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