Faculty Service Resources

Service Possibilities for CHSS Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

The purpose of this document is to inform faculty of the various types of service opportunities on campus, along with a suggested amount of on-campus service expectations. It may be used by department chairs and RTP committees to provide guidance to candidates for tenure and/or promotion. It may also be used by faculty interested in learning about on-campus service opportunities or expanding their service portfolios.

Creating Equitable Universities: Recognizing Faculty Workloads

Presentation by Joy Misra, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

This presentation highlights the importance of thinking through how we make decisions about what service is and how to make it more transparent and match it with people’s interests and strengths. It contains templates that might be useful to departments as they think through the underlying values through which they are considering and prioritizing service work.

A Collective Vision for Contributions to Campus and Community

A document produced by the CHSS Task Force on Contributions to Campus and Community with feedback and input from the faculty from all departments, programs and schools in the College.