Earth Day-Everyday: Permaculture Principles for Regenerative Living

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:15pm

(TB confirmed) Permaculture Design Principles – pro-active guides toward personal-cultural evolution

Speaker: Spencer Nielsen

Permaculture is a creative design process based on whole-systems thinking informed by ethics and design principles that guide us to mimic the patterns and relationships we find in nature — that can be applied to all aspects of human living: from agriculture to ecological building, and appropriate technology to economics. Permaculture design is founded on three balanced ethics: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share also found in traditional societies. Ethics are culturally evolved mechanisms that regulate self-interest. The greater the power of humans, the more critical ethics become for long-term cultural and biological survival.

Hosted By: Kenn Burrows, The Holistic Health Learning Center (HHLC), part of The Institute for Holistic Health Studies, Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism. 

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Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence

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This event is offered as part of the Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence. Join us for 80 Days (Jan. 30-April 22) of Practice - Applying Principles of Love and Wisdom to Daily Life.

Host: The Holistic Health Learning Center, part of the Institute for Holistic Health Studies, Dept. of Recreation, Parks & Tourism

If you believe in human goodness and are among those committed to creating a just and peaceful world, you have a responsibility to understand how violent societies sustain themselves, and how violence and brutality reproduce. Over and over movements of liberation get stuck at the same place, the moment when we "other" the agents of our oppression, without trying to understand why they are as they are.

If we view the oppressor as an inhuman Other – no matter how understandable this view is from the perspective of the oppressed – we will completely miss the deep and hidden suffering, the complex histories of violation and trauma, and the subjective experience of profound powerlessness that often go hand in hand with the cruelty and malevolence enacted by oppressors. — Aurora L. Morales

Where we are born into privilege, we are charged with dismantling any myth of supremacy. Where we are born into struggle, we are charged with reclaiming our dignity, joy and liberation. — Adrienne Maree Brown

SNV Mission:

To articulate and practice the principles, values and skills underlying NV living in 3 areas:

  • Self: personal growth/development (Personal Self)
  • Others: intelligent relationship (Social Self) 
  • World: aligning culture with nature (Eco-Cultural / Global Self) — fostering collective awakening and a world that works for the common good

— Holistic Health Learning Center, SF State, January 2021