CHSS College-wide Policy Manual

Photo: Policy manual

The purpose of this college-level policy manual is to outline the policies, procedures and guidelines that govern the workings of all departments and units within the College; provide transparency around the internal expectations of departments and the College as a whole; and create some uniformity across departments. 

Individual departments may also have policies that govern their own specific programs and responsibilities. In the event that departmental and college policies conflict, departments may secure permission for their policy to supersede CHSS policies with approval from the dean and the Chairs Council. Clear policies provide clarity about the roles and responsibilities of the employees of the college and can help in the processes of evaluating staff and faculty members and ensuring fair and transparent distribution of workloads and responsibilities.

Some of the items in this manual are college- or university-level policies and others may outline college guidelines rather than strict policies. This allows departments freedom to set their own standards or expectations (e.g. grade inflation). Each item is marked as to whether it is policy (mandatory) or a guideline (highly suggested). In addition, the manual contains some University policies that are commonly referred to by faculty and staff members in their daily work. We wanted to create a “go-to” document that includes the majority of the commonly used policies and procedures in one central place.

Download the PDF document: CHSS College-wide Policy Manual