College Task Forces

The College has three task forces representing the primary areas that comprise the faculty’s work—teaching, scholarship and service. These faculty-governed task forces were established to help create a supportive, affirming academic community at the College.


The Task Force on Teaching was charged with identifying the principles, values and practices that result in effective teaching and learning and crafting a vision statement that reflects these. It consists of distinguished faculty members within the College who have been awarded the Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award—the University’s highest honor in recognition of master teachers.

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The Task Force on Scholarship was charged with undertaking an examination of the values and principles that guide scholarship in the College and drafting a statement that reflects these. It consists of faculty members at different ranks and across different units within the College.

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Contributions to Campus and Community (Service)

This task force was initiated to create a unified, collective vision of contributions to campus and community. Specifically, it was charged with the responsibility of identifying the values and principles that reflect and guide these contributions and creating a working document that exhibits the values and principles. It is made up of members of the faculty from several academic units. 

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