O'Shaughnessy recognized by Association for Women in Psychology

Friday, March 24, 2017

Tiffany O'Shaughnessy with awardThe Association for Women in Psychology (AWP) has honored Assistant Professor of Counseling Tiffany O'Shaughnessy with the annual Christine Ladd-Franklin Award for Distinguished Service to AWP. O'Shaughnessy has been a contributing member of the organization for almost 14 years. She received the award at AWP's 2017 conference in Milwaukee earlier this month.

The award is presented annually by the AWP Implementation Collective to a member who has made significant and extensive contributions to AWP. It is named in honor of Christine Ladd-Franklin (1847-1930), an early scientist whose career provided a painful example of the way institutional sexism operated to exclude women from careers in psychology and the sciences. Although Ladd-Franklin completed the work for a Ph.D. in mathematics and logic at Johns Hopkins University in 1882, the university would not confer the degree because she was a woman. Ladd-Franklin continued her experimental work, without the benefits of the terminal degree or official institutional recognition, and made several important contributions to the literature on vision. In 1926, 44 years later, Johns Hopkins did award her the Ph.D. for the work she completed in 1882.

Pictured: Tiffany O'Shaughnessy (left) with Diane Hall, AWP Implementation Collective Coordinator