CAD students host Antioch High School students interested in teaching careers

Monday, April 03, 2017

On March 28, the students of CAD 410 (Applied Child & Adolescent Development) welcomed 35 students from Antioch High School’s LEAD Academy ROP capstone course, Careers in Teaching, into their classroom.

The Antioch students were interested in exploring college coursework and careers working with children and have completed at least 100 hours as student interns doing fieldwork at the local elementary schools.

The CAD students were preparing lesson plans for a future project that were to be implemented to middle school children. By pairing up with CAD 410 students, the Antioch students were able to brainstorm to help develop lesson plans that were developmentally appropriate for middle school age children. After some reflection, both groups confirmed that they had learned from each other.

Here is what some of the Antioch student had to say:

“Talking to the college students and brainstorming ideas together about the lesson plan they were working on was great because I wa able to give my input and actually have them take my advice. It made me feel as though I know what I’m doing.”

“I learned about college life from the students and that they took my ideas into consideration.”

“I appreciated that they told me about the ‘college myths’ and that was really helpful for me. One girl said she transferred from community college so I don’t feel so bad about doing that too.”

“I learned a little bit about how hard it is to plan a lesson for children with special needs. We had to come up with a learning game that is hands on for a girl who had AHHD and dyslexia. That was a good experience.”

“I expected them to brush off our ideas, but they really listened!”