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SF State Professor of Health Education Erik Peper writes a column about the link between proper diet and academic performance. The Western Edition (12/30/17) 

Director of the Family Acceptance Project Caitlin Ryan said suicide is a serious problem for LGBTQ youth and, increasingly, for all adolescents. Medscape (12/20/17) (clip behind paywall)

Professor of Health Education Erik Peper was interviewed on biofeedback and athletic performance over 50. Business Innovators Radio Network (12/14/17)

Associate Professor of Health Education Richard Harvey was interviewed on developing psychological hardiness, courage and biofeedback. Business Innovators Radio Network (12/14/17)

Dilara Yarbrough, assistant professor in the School of Public Affairs & Civic Engagement and member of the Coalition on Homelessness, said people cannot be policed out of public spaces. Mission Local (12/13/17)

SF State’s Pacific Leadership Institute will pilot a new overnight environmental ed program. (12/8/17)

Jim Dudley, lecturer in the School of Public Affairs & Civic Engagement and retired San Francisco Police deputy chief, was quoted in an article about San Jose’s new arrest warrant guidelines. The Mercury News (12/4/17)

Caitlin Ryan, director of the Family Acceptance Project (FAP), was interviewed about the FAP’s history and her experience during the AIDS epidemic. (12/1/17) 


A groundbreaking SF State study suggests VR could be the key to fitness for tomorrow's gamers. SF State Magazine (Fall/Winter 2017)

San Francisco State Professor Emeritus of Sociology John Irwin, who died in 2010, was mentioned in an article about former convicts becoming criminologists. Pacific Standard (11/28/17) 

San Francisco State alumna Laura Millar (MPH, ’09; M.A., Human Sexuality, ’15) discussed her work developing sexual health programs for the LightHouse, an organization for the blind and visually impaired in San Francisco. South Florida Gay News (11/24/17) 

Research from San Francisco State’s Family Acceptance Project was cited in an article about relatives coming out during the holidays. USA Today (11/21/17); MSN (11/21/17); Desert Sun (11/21/17); Farmers’ Advance (11/21/17); York Daily Record (11/21/17) 

San Francisco State’s Family Acceptance Project was noted in a roundup of national LGBT news. Windy City Times (11/20/17) 

Professor Emeritus John De Cecco, the primary founder of San Francisco State’s sexuality studies program, died on Nov. 2. Bay Area Reporter (11/16/17); Windy City Times (11/12/17)

Public Affairs & Civic Engagment Professor Emerita Anabel Pelham will be the keynote speaker at the Age-Friendly Cities Summit in Redwood City as part of an effort to make San Mateo County more age-friendly. San Jose Mercury News (11/7/17); East Bay Times (11/7/17)

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Professor of Recreation, Parks & Tourism Nina Roberts comments on whether a proposed entrance fee hike for the National Park Service will hurt the agency’s diversity efforts. CityLab (10/27/17); Sacramento Bee (10/27/17); MSN (10/27/17); Merced Sun-Star (10/27/17)

Research by San Francisco State’s Kinesiology Department on the influence of alternate nostril breathing on heart rate is mentioned in an article about using the breathing technique to reduce stress. Medical Independent (10/26/17) 

Professor of Recreation, Parks & Tourism Nina Roberts is interviewed about the National Park Service's proposed fee increases. KQED Forum (10/26/17)

Project Rebound, which started at SF State and helps the formerly incarcerated enroll in and graduate from college, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Project Rebound Regional Director Jason Bell, a lecturer in the School of Public Affairs & Civic Engagement, is quoted. Correctional News (10/23/17) 

Alum Roe McDermott (M.A., Sexuality Studies, ’16) is the author of a sex and relationship advice column. Irish Times (10/21/17) 

Adjunct Professor of Counseling Ulash Thakore-Dunlap talks about the psychological impact of the North Bay fires on residents. KTVU  (10/18/17)

Lecturer of Health Education Kenn Burrows discussed the health effects of cellphone technology and media coverage of these issues. Progressive Radio Network (10/17/17)

Alum Roe McDermott (M.A., Sexuality Studies, ’16) talks about sexual harassment in the workplace. TodayFM, How Do We Stop Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? (10/11/17)

School of Public Affairs & Civic Engagement Lecturer Jim Dudley is a panelist discussing security in public places after Las Vegas massacre. KQED Forum, Las Vegas Massacre Heightens Concerns About Security at Outdoor Venues (10/6/17). Dudley spoke on the same topic on KQED's The California Report (10/5/17).


Lecturer in the School of Public Affairs & Civic Engagement James Dudley discusses shifting the responsibility away from police officers in incidents involving people with mental-health problems.  San Jose Mercury News, Police, clinicians look to shift mental-health response burden away from officers (9/30/17). The story also appeared in (10/3/17).

SF State’s Project Rebound program, which helps formerly incarcerated people attend college, has turned 50. Project Rebound Regional Director Jason Bell (B.A, Sociology, '05; M.S., Counseling, '10) is quoted. KQED, Project Rebound Celebrates 50 Years of Educating Former Prisoners (9/29/17)

Marian Wright Edelman Institute Director David Anderson comments on the proper way to stand while snowboarding. Transworld Snowboarding, How to: Find Your Stance (9/26/17)

Professor of Kinesiology Maryalice Kern talks about the health benefits of virtual reality games. Gears of Biz, VR games encourage users to get fit at the gym (9/26/27)

Marialice Kern compares tennis in VR vs. IRL to find out whether a VR workout can really get you in shape. Wall Street Journal video, Can VR Tennis Get You Fit? (9/19/17)

An SF State study on the effects of social rejection in LGBTQ youth found that they were eight times as likely as accepted peers to attempt suicide, six times as likely to report depression, three times as likely to use illegal drugs and three times as likely to be at risk for HIV or sexually transmitted diseases. Worcester Magazine, Gay Conversion Therapy: Controversial Practice still used as state ponders ban (9/14/17)

SF State tests the aerobic benefits of virtual reality games. San Francisco Chronicle (9/5/17)

Assistant Professor of Sociology Valerie Francisco-Menchavez’s family’s finances are detailed in a video about the cost of living in San Francisco. Vice Money, What it costs to live in San Francisco (9/5/17)

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Professor of Kinesiology Marialice Kern and the department’s virtual reality research are cited in an article says about exercising in the morning. NBC News, 9 Really Good Reasons to Exercise Early in the Morning (8/30/17)

Two articles look at entrepreneur Aaron Stanton’s virtual reality research partnership with the Department of Kinesiology. VR Fitness Insider, VR Health Institute Proving VR Games Burn Calories (8/29/17); Wareable, Inside the lab that's learning how every VR game gets you fit (8/19/17)

Retired professor of sociology/sexuality studies Ed McCaughan helped curate an art show in San Francisco on queer Chicanos and Mexicans. San Francisco Chronicle, In new show, queer Mexicans and Chicanos examine intersecting identities (8/24/17)

Criminal Justice lecturer Jim Dudley is a panelist discussing how San Francisco and other cities are preparing for rallies by far right wing and white nationalist groups, and how citizens, civil rights groups and counterprotesters are planning to respond. KQED Forum, On Heels of Charlottesville, San Francisco Braces for Far-Right Rally (8/18/17)

SF State alumna Laura Millar (MPH, '09; M.A., Human Sexuality, '15) started LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s sexual health program. HuffPost, A New Sexual Health Program for Visually Impaired Community (8/17/17) ; Bay Area Reporter, Seeing in the Dark: Blind nonprofit launches sexual health program (8/17/17)

Professor and Chair of the Department of Kinesiology Marialice Kern comments on SF State conducting leading-edge research into virtual reality and fitness. Virtual Reality Reporter (8/16/17) ; VR Focus (8/16/17) ; I4U News (8/16/17); UploadVR (8/16/17)

Associate Professor of Health Education José Ramón Fernández Peña, founder and director of the Welcome Back Initiative, is interviewed about the barriers faced by refugees and immigrants who were doctors in their home countries when it comes to practicing in the U.S. CNN, Why refugee doctors become taxi drivers (8/9/17)

An economic impact report on the music festival Outside Lands conducted by Professor of Recreation, Parks & Tourism Patrick Tierney is mentioned in an article about the festival. San Francisco Chronicle, At age 10, Outside Lands festival an outsider no more (8/5/17)

An article profiles Michael Santos, who earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree while in prison then went on to teach criminal justice courses at SF State. Orange County Register, Ex-con tells prisoners from his Irvine office how to thrive behind bars (8/3/17)

Professor of Urban Studies Jasper Rubin is quoted in an article about plans for a waterfront facility for Anchor Brewing. San Francisco Chronicle, Anchor Brewing sale leaves waterfront project up in the air (8/3/17)


An SF State study on posture is referenced in an article about how slouching isn’t as bad as people might think. The Express Tribune, Couch potatoes, listen up! Slouching isn’t as bad for you as you thought (7/18/17)

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An SF State study that suggests that most park patrons are visiting a particular park for the first time is cited in an article about overcrowded Bay Area parks. Bay Nature, Are the Bay Area’s Parks Too Crowded? (July-September 2017)

Professor of Health Education Ramon Castellblanch writes about the Republican proposal to cap Medicaid expansion as part of the Affordable Health Care Act. The Progressive, Congressional Budget Office: Republican Health Bill a Health-Care Disaster (6/27/17)

SF State Lecturer in Criminal Justice Jim Dudley is interviewed about the possible closure of the Golden Gate Bridge during the San Francisco Marathon. NBC Bay Area, Part of Golden Gate Bridge May Be Shut Down for San Francisco Marathon to Address Safety, Terror Concerns - video (6/22/17)

Assistant Professor of Sociology Marla Andrea Ramirez is interviewed for a story about mass deportations of Mexican immigrants in the 1930s. The Sacramento Bee, Mass deportations to solve 'immigrant problem?' What happened last time? (6/18/17)

An article cites a study by Professor of Health Education Erik Peper that found that slouching could produce feelings of depression. The Guardian, Petrified of public speaking? Let your body do the talking (6/12/17)

Professor of Urban Studies & Planning Jasper Rubin comments on San Francisco’s waterfront development. San Francisco Examiner, From wartime manufacturing to public transportation, the legacy of SF’s Pier 70 Shipyard hasn’t sunk (6/4/17)


SF State Lecturer in the Department of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement James Dudley comments on San Francisco’s murder rate. San Francisco Examiner, SF’s murder charge rate is lower than San Mateo, Santa Clara counties - video (5/30/17)

SF State was deemed safe by authorities following a bomb threat that prompted an evacuation of the HSS building. San Francisco ChronicleSan Francisco ExaminerKRONNBC Bay AreaSF GateSan Francisco PatchChronKGOTimes-Union, KCBS (5/24/17) 

A study by SF State’s Family Acceptance Project is mentioned in an article about bullying. Christian Post, Gay Activist Dan Savage's 'It Gets Better' Anti-Bullying Campaign Not Working, Study Claims (5/26/17)

A columnist cites Family Acceptance Project Director Caitlin Ryan’s research in arguing against conversion therapy. Post Register, Ban conversion therapy (5/24/17)

An article on bullying cites an SF State study by the Family Acceptance Project on how LGBTQ teens cope with their sexual minority status. Washington Blade, ‘It Gets Better’ may be harmful: study (5/19/17)

Professor of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Nina S. Roberts comments in an article about East Bay doctors recommending the outdoors to people of color. East Bay Express, How Nature Heals: Why East Bay Doctors Are Prescribing The Outdoors To People Of Color (5/18/17)

Professor of Apparel Design and Merchandising Connie Ulasewicz talks about a recent student fashion show that included designs for people with disabilities. KNTV, Fashion Students Work With Disabled To Create Garments To Better Their Lives  - includes video (5/16/17) 

SF State students will showcase clothes for people with disabilities. Professor and Chair of Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics Connie Ulasewicz is quoted. NBC Bay Area, San Francisco State University Students to Showcase Clothes for People With Disabilities (5/10/17)

SF State Lecturer in the Department of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement James Dudley comments on San Francisco’s 2016 crime rate. San Francisco Examiner, SFPD reports most crimes dropped in SF last year, save for gun violence (5/3/17) 

A 2009 Family Acceptance Project study on how being valued by family is paramount to a child’s well-being is referenced in a story on a U.S. Supreme Court decision on LGBTQ rights. Good, US Supreme Court Just Made A Crucial Decision On LGBTQ Rights (5/2/17) 

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Family Acceptance Project study found that LGBTQ youth who have experienced rejection based on their sexual orientation are eight times more likely to have attempted suicide. The Washington Post, ‘LGBTQ people were born perfect’: A new bill would ban conversion therapy nationwide (4/27/17)

Family Acceptance Project study that found that LGBTQ youth who were rejected by their families were more likely to contract STDs is cited in an article about conversion therapy. Romper, Is Conversion Therapy Legal? Many States Have No Laws Against The Practice (4/25/17)

Professor and Chair of Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics Connie Ulasewicz speaks about environmental concerns in the dry cleaning industry. KPIX, Entrepreneur Strives To Make Dry Cleaning Earth-Friendly (4/22/17) - story includes video. The story was also broadcast by numerous other outlets.

Family Acceptance Project Director Caitlin Ryan is quoted in an article about Magic Johnson’s support for his son, who came out as gay in 2013. Upworthy, Magic Johnson's heartwarming response to his son coming out may make you cry happy tears (4/19/17)

Family Acceptance Project Director Caitlin Ryan gave a presentation on supporting families with LGBT youth at a Salt Lake City conference. Deseret News, Presenters: Families a frequently ignored resource in helping LGBTQ youth avoid suicide, depression (4/18/17)

An SF State study by Professor of Health Education Erik Peper is mentioned in a story about a similar New Zealand study about the link between good posture and mental health. Independent, This is spinal zap (4/11/17)

A study by the Family Acceptance Project on homosexual and trans youth and family acceptance is referenced in an op-ed about LGBTQ youths and conversion therapy. Longmont Times-Call, Conversion therapy is harmful to LGBTQ youths (4/9/17)

Professor of Health Education Erik Peper writes about how shoulder exercises help reduce muscular tension and neck pain. The Western Edition, Shoulder exercises to help reduce muscular tension and neck pain (4/6/17) - story includes video

Professor of Urban Studies and Planning Jasper Rubin comments on the new Salesforce building changing the San Francisco skyline. CBS SF Bay Area, Salesforce Tower Reshaping the San Francisco Skyline (4/3/17)

Professor and Chair of Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics Connie Ulasewicz talks about the push to recycle, re-use and repurpose items like old shirts and table cloths. KRON4, Studio interview with San Francisco's Clean Waste Initiative (4/2/17) - links to video


Professor of Health Education Michele Eliason comments on why LGBTQ adolescents are more prone to start smoking cigarettes. Reuters, Lesbian and bisexual girls more likely than other teens to smoke  (3/27/17). The story also appeared in International Business Times (3/29/17), NBC News (3/27/17), WHTC (3/27/17) and WTAQ (3/27/17).

Associate Professor of Health Education José Ramón Fernández-Peña comments on the impact of foreign health care workers on U.S. patient care. U.S. News and World Report, How Foreign Health Providers Impact U.S. Health Care (3/22/17)

Professor of Health Education Ramón Castellblanch comments on the Republican proposal to cap Medicaid expansion as part of the Affordable Health Care Act. The Commercial Appeal, AHCA cuts subsidies here by $1,826 (3/21/17). The story also appeared in Statesman Journal (3/21/17), Poughkeepsie Journal (3/21/17), Record Searchlight (3/21/17) and Las Cruces Sun-News (3/21/17) 

Professor of Health Education Ramón Castellblanch weighs in on the probability of the proposed Affordable Health Care Act passing the House and Senate as is. Wallethub, Ask the Experts, (3/20/17)

Carlos Davidson, a professor in the School of Public Affairs & Civic Engagement, comments on the calls frogs make to attract mates. The Scientist, Untangling the Social Webs in Frog Choruses (3/1/17)

Assistant Professor of Consumer and Family Studies Gretchen George co-authored a study that found that a Fresno-area summer camp may help children adopt healthier lifestyles. Valley Public Radio, Study Suggests Fresno Summer Camp Promotes Healthy Lifestyles (2/28/17) link to audio

Roma Guy, a former lecturer in the Department of Health Education, is portrayed in the ABC miniseries “When We Rise” about the LGBT rights movement in San Francisco. Bustle, What Is Roma Guy Doing Now? The 'When We Rise' Activist Has An Inspiring Career (3/1/17). Another story on the same topic was published in SFist (2/28/17).

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Research by Professor of Sociology Gilbert Herdt is mentioned in an article about the link between the decline in youth suicide attempts and same-sex marriage laws. PBS NewsHour, Same-sex marriage laws linked to fewer youth suicide attempts, new study says (2/20/17)

Professor Emeritus of Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics Nancy Rabolt discusses free speech on college campuses in an op-ed. Half Moon Bay Review, We must protect 'hate speech' if we value free speech (2/15/17)


A study by Professor of Health Education Erik Peper on posture and its effect on mood is referenced in a story on the mental health benefits of good posture. Medical Daily, Sitting Up Straight May Treat Depression Symptoms, Boost Happiness (1/31/17) . The same study is also mentioned in The Marshalltown (2/8/17).

Research by Assistant Professor of Sexuality Studies Darius Bost is mentioned in an article about queer resistance to Vice President Mike Pence. Mic Network, Why a queer dance party was the best way to protest Mike Pence (1/19/17)

In an interview in a Dublin, Calif. blog, undergraduate Sabrina Tabaracci says she chose SF State because of the variety of options within the Kinesiology major., Life at San Francisco State University – From Gael to Gator (1/11/17)

Colleen Hoff, professor of sexuality studies and director of the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality, comments on a new study that found young gay men who are part of a couple favor monogamy. Edge Media Network, New Study: Younger Gay Men Favoring Monogamy (1/5/17)

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